Italo Jewelry is a renowned brand known for its stunning, high-quality jewelry pieces. Established in 2010, this company has earned a reputation for crafting elegant and timeless designs that captivate customers worldwide.

Their artisans work diligently with materials such as sterling silver, gold, and dazzling gemstones to create an extensive range of exquisite pieces. Inspired by nature, love, and the latest fashion trends, Italo Jewelry offers a versatile selection that caters to various tastes and preferences.

Committed to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices, Italo Jewelry ensures that their creations are not only beautiful but also contribute positively to the environment. With options available for every budget, this brand makes it easy to find the perfect gift or indulge in a personal treat. You can browse their captivating collection online or visit one of their charming retail locations to experience the allure of Italo Jewelry first-hand. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Italo Jewelry and elevate your style with their alluring creations. Visit Italo Jewelry Reviews page to delve into a wealth of genuine reviews or contribute your own! Share your experience and commit to truth in every word you write!

Italo Jewelry Address: Area B Room 12308 23rd Floor Unit 1 Building 1 Huaqi International Plaza, 99 Chang’an Middle Road Yanta District, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China.

Italo Jewelry Legit or Scam? | Customers Reviews

GOOD REVIEWS about Italo Jewelry (122) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I discovered an ideal gift for my daughter’s wedding on Italo’s website – a gorgeous sapphire ring that served as both something new and something blue. The ring looked impressive online, but it was even more striking in person. It was also reasonably priced and budget-friendly. Although the delivery took slightly longer than anticipated, the ring arrived just in time for the big day. The customer service team was polite and empathetic when I inquired about the shipment status. I’m looking forward to purchasing more gifts from this seller in the future.

NEUTRAL REVIEWS about Italo Jewelry (4) ⭐⭐⭐

The jewelry from this brand is undoubtedly beautiful. However, their return policy is more complicated than it appears. When attempting to return an item, they initially tried to persuade me to keep it by offering a partial refund (in my case, 50%). The ring I received didn’t match its online appearance, and I couldn’t think of anyone to gift it to. Although my previous experiences with them were positive, the hassle and evasiveness surrounding shipping dampened my enthusiasm for future shopping. After making seven purchases in two months, I’ve decided not to buy from them again due to these deceptive practices.

BAD REVIEWS about Italo Jewelry (48)

I purchased a ring that appeared stunning on their website. However, the shipping took an extremely long time. I faced difficulties accessing my account to check the order status, despite having the correct password. After providing a temporary password that only worked once, I was locked out again. When customer service finally responded to my email, they offered me “free” earrings as compensation for the delay.

Upon receiving the ring, I found that it was not the same as the one pictured on the website. While the shape was somewhat similar, the quality was comparable to that of a vending machine ring. Naturally, I emailed them, as I didn’t want to keep a ring that didn’t match the website’s depiction. The accompanying earrings were even worse, with one being bent, causing the stone to fall off the mount.

I’m still waiting for a response from the company. After reading other reviews, I’m concerned that I may have to pay for return shipping and might not even receive a full refund.