Curating the perfect combination of accessories to wear is a craft, and it can be complicated. For jewelry alone, you’ll want to follow some top style tips like layering necklaces with contrasting lengths and textures without overdoing it. So, when you involve eyewear with its own stylistic considerations and aesthetic factors, the styling process will become a little more complex.

Despite this, successfully matching these two accessories can be rewarding and make for an unforgettable outfit. Up for the challenge? Here are four tips for styling eyeglasses with jewelry.

Pay attention to shape

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The most striking thing about your accessories will likely be their design. Because of this, you’ll want to carefully select the shape of your glasses frames and jewelry pieces. A great guideline to match these shapes with is your face. You can find your face shape by measuring your face length, forehead width, cheekbone width, and jawline width. Once you’ve accomplished that, find accessories that complement it. A round face, for example, will do best with geometric frames and jewelry with elongated and angular designs that can sharpen it. Meanwhile, tear-drop jewelry and oval glasses are great options that align with heart-shaped faces.

Seek balanced sizes

While a showstopping accessory can just be what your outfit needs to take it to the next level, populating your appearance with large and loud pieces is a recipe for a style catastrophe. The fix for this is simple: pick the accessory you want people to pay attention to and then organize the others around that. For instance, you can highlight big hoop earrings by pairing them with thin, wired frames or emphasize dramatic cat-eye glasses by wearing dainty stud earrings.

Harmonize your materials

Once you’ve aligned the most distinguishing features of your accessories, you can pay attention to their more subtle traits. Materials are critical in determining the overall texture of your look, so ensure you align them properly. If you like wearing metal, for example, you’ll want to match the undertones—like a gold necklace with bronze glasses or steel frames with silver jewelry.

If you’re wearing glasses with plastic frames, though, it will be harder to pair with jewelry due to the difference in material. What matches look good will depend on a case-to-case basis—so you’ll want to rely on trial and error. If you’re still choosing your frames, you can leverage online optical tools to virtually try on glasses frames to see if they match the jewelry you want to wear. It may help to pair the gems in your pieces to plastic frames for the best effect. For instance, you may find that clear crystal works with the Armani AX1064 or that your rose-gold bracelet suits the fluorescence of Vogue Eyewear’s VO5518.

Coordinate your colors

Your accessories’ hues also play a significant role in cultivating a cohesive look for your outfit. Clashing colors can render your ensemble too gauche—while having a resplendent color palette can tie your entire look together. For this, you’ll likely want to start with your glasses. Many frames use neutral colors like white or black, so they’ll be versatile enough to suit jewelry pieces in various colors. However, if you’ve opted for statement eyewear with a bold and brash hue, you’ll want to deliberately pick jewelry with colors that support your glasses. You can use a color wheel for this. Find your glasses frame’s color on the chart and choose jewelry with a shade directly opposite to or beside it on the wheel.

If you’re still in doubt, you can leverage an online color analysis tool. This uses quizzes and color-picking in photographs to find the right colors for your outfit. You can choose to take into account the color of your glasses during this process. You’ll then get a digital analysis of the best color palette for the accessories you should wear.

Styling eyeglasses with jewelry can be complex—but if you get it right, the results can be stunning. Assemble your ornaments by following the tips above.

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