As a seasoned jeweler, one of the questions I often encounter is determining the authenticity of luxury jewelry pieces, especially for iconic brands like Bulgari. Originating from the heart of Rome, Bulgari epitomizes the essence of Italian luxury and elegance. Due to its popularity and prestige, counterfeit versions of Bulgari items have unfortunately flooded the market. This comprehensive guide will delve deep into the methods and indicators to help you discern genuine Bulgari jewelry from the imposters.

The first step is understanding Bulgari’s rich history and commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship. Founded in 1884 by Sotirio Bulgari, the brand has always intertwined Roman and Greek artistry, resulting in timeless creations with a unique blend of classicism and modernity.

What To Look For To Spot Fake Bulgari Jewelry

Logos and Engravings: The Brand’s Signature

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Genuine Bulgari jewelry will bear the unmistakable “BVLGARI” engraving in its signature font.

Additionally, look for purity markings such as ‘750’ for 18k gold or ‘925’ for sterling silver. A distinct serial number should also be engraved, signifying its unique identity in the Bulgari collection.

Counterfeits might either misspell the brand name, use inconsistent fonts, or lack essential engravings.

Note that real Bulgari will be engraved only with the V letter, neither U, which looks like “BVLGARI”. You can learn why the brand has two spellings from our article – Bulgari or Bvlgari.


Metal Consistency. Bulgari is renowned for using high-caliber metals such as 18k gold, platinum, and sterling silver. Any discrepancies in color, weight, or texture might raise suspicion.

Weight. Counterfeit items often feel lighter. Look for weight parameters on the official Bulgari site and compare them to your jewelry.

Stone Settings. Genuine Bulgari pieces exhibit perfection even in the minutest details. Check for gaps, misalignments, or the use of glue in gemstone settings. A genuine Bulgari gemstone will be securely placed without any visible flaws.

Details, Details, Details

Pay attention to tiny details of jewelry. From clasps to chains, genuine Bulgari pieces will be devoid of design flaws. Look for signs of shoddy workmanship, which could indicate a counterfeit.

Real Bulgari jewelry will be perfect in any part or edge. While fake ones usually don’t care much about small details and produce jewelry with torn edges, missed tiny parts, and inaccurate details.

Packaging Excellence

Bulgari is as meticulous with its packaging as it is with its jewelry. Genuine items are housed in luxurious boxes, predominantly made from premium materials, carrying the brand’s insignia. Authenticity certificates and care instruction booklets should accompany them. Counterfeit items often have sub-par packaging.

Familiarizing with Bulgari’s Collections

Having a good knowledge of Bulgari’s past and current collections can be a shield against counterfeits. Refer to the brand’s official website or catalogs. Some counterfeiters might craft designs that the brand never released.

Deciphering the Price Tag

While everyone loves a great deal, a Bulgari piece sold at an unbelievably low price is a cause for skepticism. Authentic Bulgari jewelry aligns with luxury pricing due to craftsmanship, material quality, and prestige.

If you see a golden ring for $10 – you can be sure the jewelry is fake.

The Place of Purchase: Is It Trusted?

Always purchase from Bulgari boutiques, authorized dealers, or reputable jewelers. Risk factors increase exponentially when buying from unrecognized online platforms or dubious sources.

In online transactions, a seller’s reputation can be a telling factor. Genuine sellers maintain transparency, have a track record of positive feedback, and are usually open to questions and clarifications.

The Expert’s Eye

If a piece raises doubts, never hesitate to consult an expert. Seasoned jewelers, gemologists, or luxury brand authenticators possess the skills and tools to accurately assess the authenticity of a Bulgari item.

Conclusion – Common Bulgari Counterfeit Indicators

  • bad package
  • missed documents
  • logo “BVLGARI” misspelled
  • no purity markings such as “750” indicate 18k gold or “925” for sterling silver
  • no serial number
  • no “MADE IN ITALY” stamp
  • lack of tiny details on jewelry

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Remember, in the world of luxury, every detail matters, and armed with knowledge, one can enjoy the true essence of Bulgari.