In luxury jewelry, few names evoke as much glamour and prestige as Bulgari. Yet, there’s often been confusion about the brand’s spelling. Is it “Bulgari” or “Bvlgari”?

If you open Bulgari site you can see that site name is “” with letter U. But logo spelling “BVLGARI” with letter V. This brings confusion and many people don’t know which version is right.

This article delves deep into the history, brand identity, and cultural interpretations of the famed jeweler’s name, aiming to restate any uncertainties.

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The Historical Genesis: Understanding The “Bvlgari” Origin

Bvlgari, the luxury brand known for its fine jewelry, watches, fragrances, leather goods, and more, originates from Rome, Italy. Its inception can be traced back to 1884 when a Greek silversmith, Sotirios Voulgaris, opened his first store in Via Sistina, Rome.

The name “Bvlgari” is derived from the phonetic version of Voulgaris’s last name. In the Greek alphabet, Voulgaris is written as “Βούλγαρης”.

Roman Influence: The Art of Typography

The Romans had a peculiar way of representing the letter “U”. Instead of the familiar modern “U”, they often used the letter “V”. This unique typographical choice heavily influenced the brand’s decision to spell its name as “Bvlgari” instead of “Bulgari”.

It’s crucial to appreciate this nod to ancient Roman typography, a key part of Bvlgari’s brand DNA, celebrating its rich Roman heritage.

Modern Interpretations: From “Bulgari” to “Bvlgari”

Over the years, the brand became internationally recognized, and with global fame came varied interpretations of its name. As Bvlgari started expanding beyond Italy, many found it easier to refer to the brand as “Bulgari” due to the unfamiliarity with the “Bv” typographical representation.

  • Ease of Pronunciation: “Bulgari” is phonetically more aligned with most languages and is easier to pronounce for those unfamiliar with the brand’s origins.
  • Localization: Some regions found it easier to register and promote the brand as “Bulgari” due to linguistic reasons.
  • Influence of Media: As the brand became popular in media, especially in the U.S., some advertisements and articles simplified the name to “Bulgari”.

Brand Identity: How Bvlgari Set Itself Apart

One might wonder, why maintain the “Bvlgari” spelling in light of these challenges? The answer lies in brand identity and heritage.

  • Distinctiveness: “Bvlgari” is uniquely recognizable. This distinct spelling sets the brand apart from generic references.
  • Celebration of Heritage: The “Bvlgari” spelling serves as a continual homage to the brand’s Roman origin.
  • Brand Consistency: Despite regional interpretations, the company itself has always used “Bvlgari” in its branding efforts.

Notable Contributions: The Legacy of Bvlgari

Bvlgari isn’t just about jewelry. It’s a brand that has consistently contributed to culture, art, and fashion.

  • Jewelry: Known for its exquisite use of colored gemstones and unique designs.
  • Watches: Merging Swiss watchmaking precision with Italian design aesthetics.
  • Hotels & Resorts: The Bvlgari Hotels & Resorts reflect the luxury and elegance synonymous with the brand.
  • Philanthropy: Bvlgari has a long history of charitable initiatives, including partnerships with global organizations.

Common Misconceptions and Clarifications

  • Bvlgari vs. Bulgari: While “Bulgari” may be a common interpretation, “Bvlgari” is the official and correct brand spelling.
  • Pronunciation: Both spellings are pronounced the same way – “bool-guh-ree”.
  • Representation: Despite regional variations, any official merchandise, store, or advertisement from the company will use “Bvlgari”.

The debate between “Bulgari” and “Bvlgari” is emblematic of a brand steeped in history, heritage, and global influence. While local interpretations and phonetic spellings might favor “Bulgari”, the authentic and official representation remains “Bvlgari”. This rich tapestry of name, legacy, and culture is what makes Bvlgari an enduring symbol of luxury and elegance.

Remember, the next time you pass by a Bvlgari store or don an exquisite Bvlgari piece, you’re not just experiencing luxury — you’re embracing a slice of Roman history.