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  • Diane Carter
    September 2, 2023

    I was pleasantly surprised by the prices on Vanessa Flairs website. I purchased a black silver chain with the name “JACOB” for my brother. Given the reasonable price, I didnt expect the quality to be as good as it turned out to be. The fact that its an original piece added to my satisfaction, and the shipping was surprisingly fast. I can confidently say that I will be returning to buy from them again in the future.

    PURCHASE DATE: 01.10.2023
  • Samantha Hickman
    August 30, 2023

    After searching extensively, I came across this site, and I must say, its truly excellent for jewelry sales. I made a purchase, and the quality of their products is exceptional. The customer service is impressively responsive. I highly recommend my friends to explore the site and indulge in their range of valuable jewelry items. Many thanks to the site owners for such a great experience.

    PURCHASE DATE: 01.18.2023
  • Ava Houston
    August 29, 2023

    My boyfriend is quite fond of his ring; however, my ring turned out to be scratchy. The bracelets size was a bit smaller than I expected. I previously paid for shipping, but unfortunately, the order was stolen from my mailbox after delivery. Despite this, the customer service didnt offer a refund, resend, or assistance, which was disappointing. If the jewelry had been of better quality, I might not have mentioned these issues.

    PURCHASE DATE: 02.09.2023
  • Kimberley Callahan
    August 27, 2023

    The quality of Vanessa Flairs products has truly amazed me. Ive ordered 3 rings, and 2 of them have become a comfortable permanent addition to my hands. Even the one reserved for special occasions stands out. The necklace, bracelet, and ring I got for my partner have exceeded expectations, with the ring surviving even his manual work at a factory. The durability of the bracelet has been impressive as well, enduring various activities. Im thoroughly pleased with the quality, shipping, communication, and service from Vanessa Flair. As a satisfied customer, I highly recommend their products.

    PURCHASE DATE: 01.20.2023
  • Wilma Rowland
    August 25, 2023

    After searching extensively, I discovered Vanessa Flair Jewelry, and I must say its an exceptional platform for jewelry sales. I made a purchase and was highly impressed by the top-notch quality of their products. The customer service response time is incredibly fast. Im enthusiastically recommending this site to my friends, urging them to explore its wide range of valuable jewelry products. My gratitude to the site owners for providing such a great experience.

    PURCHASE DATE: 02.22.2023
  • Ester Bridges
    August 24, 2023

    I was truly amazed by the quality of the products from Vanessa Flair Jewelry. I ordered three rings, and two of them fit so comfortably that I never take them off. Even the one meant for special occasions is stunning. Additionally, I purchased a necklace, bracelet, and ring for my partner. Hes been wearing his ring even during workdays at the factory, and it remains scratch-free. The durability is impressive, especially compared to pricier options that showed scratches right away. The bracelet has been through showers, cooking, cleaning, and workouts, and its held up perfectly. Other bracelets Ive tried broke on the first day. The quality, shipping, communication, and service from the Vanessa Flair team have all been exceptional. As a satisfied customer, Ill be returning for Valentines and Mothers Day gifts.

    PURCHASE DATE: 04.18.2023
  • Silvia Aguilar
    August 22, 2023

    Vanessa Flair Jewelry undoubtedly offers the most dependable pieces. Initially cautious due to their higher price range, I reflected on the transient quality of cheaper alternatives. The 365-day guarantee boosted my confidence, and I took the plunge. Result? Absolute perfection! Each piece has garnered countless compliments. Quality truly shines through.

    PURCHASE DATE: 04.19.2023
  • Keri Jackson
    August 20, 2023

    My experience with Vanessa Flair Jewelry has been frustrating. I ordered jewelry and paid for shipping, but the package didnt arrive. The website indicated it was delivered, but I never received it. I searched at post offices and contacted technical support. They assured me Id receive it in a week, but that didnt happen. After further communication with support, it was revealed that the package had been returned. I requested a refund, but despite promises from support, no action has been taken. I urge anyone reading this to address and resolve this situation promptly.

    PURCHASE DATE: 03.15.2023
  • Kathy Lynn
    August 18, 2023

    Beware of Vanessa Flair Jewelry – Potential Scam Alert!

    I took a cautious approach when considering Vanessa Flairs ambassador recruitment plan that promises “free jewelry” in exchange for a $30 shipping fee. My doubts were validated after some research.

    Heres why I became suspicious:
    1. I inquired twice about their jewelrys nickel content due to allergies but received no response. Odd, considering their website claims “nickel-free” items.
    2. Their selection of smaller accounts for recruitment and the promise of expensive jewelry for free raised a red flag.
    3. Their Instagram account appeared questionable – a huge following with minimal followers, and daily surges in followers. Seemed fishy.
    4. Shockingly, I discovered their jewelry listed on AliExpress for a fraction of the cost. A quick tool confirmed earrings priced at $60 on Vanessa Flairs site were available on AliExpress for $3-6.

    My advice: Stay cautious and informed before engaging with Vanessa Flair Jewelry.

    PURCHASE DATE: 04.05.2023
  • Lara Andersen
    August 17, 2023

    I ordered three beautiful pieces from Vanessa Flair Jewelry, but unfortunately, all of them broke within just 24 hours of wearing. I promptly contacted their customer service via email, expressing my concern and requesting a refund for the shipping. I provided images of the broken items but received no response from them. I followed up a second time, providing new photos of the damaged products. This happened in April 2023, and to this day, I havent received a refund or any further communication from them.

    PURCHASE DATE: 04.02.2023
  • Gagan Sidhu
    May 9, 2023

    They are easy to wear and match with lots of outfits
    Dress up or down perfectly; great value for the money. I have been looking for these for a while, and these absolutely were perfect. A good selection of the colors that I wanted in the great stones.
    Highly recommend it for yourself or as a great gift idea.
    They were heavier and of higher quality than I was expecting. Time will tell how well they hold up after regular use.

    PURCHASE DATE: 20.03.2023
  • Saman Saqib
    May 3, 2023

    At first I thought that quality wont be up to the mark but after using the jewels I got to know that quality was perfect too ­čśŐ happy with my purchase. Would recommend to others as well.

    PURCHASE DATE: 21.03.2023
  • Kari Jefferson
    February 10, 2023

    I really had high hopes for this jewelry. It looked beautiful on the site. Upon delivery the jewelry looked cheaply made and overpriced for the quality. The stone fell out of my ring the first time wearing. So disappointed­čą║

    PURCHASE DATE: 22.12.2022

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