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  • Annabelle Miles
    September 2, 2023

    Im sharing this review to raise awareness for potential buyers and share a valuable lesson I learned through my experience with Blue Nile.

    I initially chose Blue Nile due to its excellent reputation and international presence. However, during my first order, I encountered a situation that left me dissatisfied.

    When placing my order, I was prompted to input the last 3 digits of my identity ID, along with my shipping and billing addresses. After completing the checkout process, I noticed that my address had been altered to a different entity within the Dubai Airport Freezone, despite having paid for FedEx delivery to my home address.

    Approximately a week later, I received an email from Blue Nile stating that my order had been delivered. Strangely, I had not received anything. Upon contacting FedEx, I was informed that the package had been delivered to a person with a completely different ID in the Dubai Airport Freezone, to a security company. When I asked FedEx why they had delivered the package to this individual when the ID didnt match mine, they explained that it was based on the shippers instructions.

    I initiated a conversation with Blue Nile to understand what had happened. They informed me that all orders to the UAE are routed to the Dubai Airport Freezone and are handled by a specific company, which they had failed to mention previously. I then contacted this company, which informed me that I would need to travel to Dubai to retrieve my package, despite the inconvenience as I live in the capital.

    I suggested the possibility of my father picking up the package on my behalf, as he had my ID and I was willing to assume full responsibility. Regrettably, both Blue Nile and the company in Dubai declined my request, citing security and privacy concerns. This left me frustrated, as I received minimal assistance despite my efforts to resolve the situation.

    PURCHASE DATE: 02.07.2023
  • Leola Singh
    August 31, 2023

    My engagement ring, purchased from Blue Nile by my husband, was initially beautiful with a good quality diamond. However, my positive experience ended there. Both our wedding rings were also from the Blue Nile. Surprisingly, in just a few months, my ring developed a crack that ran through the back, leading to a necessary repair. Even more concerning, my husbands ring broke as well and needed replacement.

    While Blue Nile claims to prioritize quality, their response to our concerns left us disappointed. When I contacted customer service to understand why both our rings broke in such a short time, they explained that it might be due to how we wore them. We are cautious about removing our rings during activities like workouts and swimming, so their reasoning seemed dubious.

    This experience made us question the quality of the rings we purchased. Blue Niles unwillingness to acknowledge any potential quality issues and their tendency to shift blame onto us, their customers, was disheartening. Although they eventually repaired and replaced the rings, the lack of accountability was disappointing. After persistent discussions, all we received was a $25 gift card as compensation for our inconvenience. It was a rather inadequate response, considering the ordeal we went through. As a result, we are reluctant to make any further jewelry purchases from Blue Nile.

    PURCHASE DATE: 02.11.2023
  • Constance Hampton
    August 29, 2023

    Choosing Blue Nile for our significant investment in my gorgeous ring was the right decision. The diamonds quality exceeded our expectations, and the affordability of their prices proved genuine. The customer service was exceptionally professional, going above and beyond with their warmth and kindness. My experience with Blue Nile has been truly remarkable, and Im sincerely grateful for it. Thank you!

    PURCHASE DATE: 01.12.2023
  • Gina Yates
    August 27, 2023

    My experience with Blue Nile Jewelry has been generally positive. The collection of floating diamond rings is particularly appealing. However, a word of caution for those considering repairs – when a sapphire fell out of my ring, a local jeweler attempted a repair without my consent. Although they replaced the stone, they added prongs to all the stones, altering the rings appearance. Recently, I acquired 2-carat diamond studs. While the diamonds are stunning, the setting isnt as flush as Id prefer, and the backings are challenging to secure. Despite this, Blue Niles customer service is commendable, and their return process is hassle-free.

    PURCHASE DATE: 01.23.2023
  • Elise Faulkner
    August 26, 2023

    My interactions with Blue Nile have been consistently positive across three purchases. The websites filters were instrumental in helping me choose the perfect diamond for my wife. The sites prices far surpassed those of physical stores for the same diamond quality. Acquiring wedding rings was equally smooth, and the resizing process was handled expertly by the knowledgeable customer service team. Overall, a great experience with Blue Nile.

    PURCHASE DATE: 04.05.2023
  • Christine Lyons
    August 24, 2023

    After losing my cherished wedding ring of 32 years in the snow last fall, I embarked on a search for a replacement. The exact ring seemed elusive until I stumbled upon the Blue Nile. Despite it going on sale just before Christmas, I held out, hoping for a response from my neighbors lost and found a request that never materialized. When the ring went on sale again before Valentines Day, I finally made the purchase. To my sheer delight, the ring arrived unexpectedly the very next morning. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Blue Nile for offering my 18-karat gold trio rolling ring, making it available at a discounted price, and ensuring swift delivery. My experience with them has been nothing short of delightful, and I couldnt be happier.

    PURCHASE DATE: 05.31.2023
  • Traci Fernandez
    August 22, 2023

    The Blue Nile came highly recommended by a friend, and I can now confirm their excellence firsthand. Navigating their website made selecting a stone and setting a breeze, with detailed 3D views for easy comparisons. The ring I received surpassed my expectations, and my partner even noticed its superior brilliance compared to the pricier options owned by her friends. I am thoroughly pleased with my experience and intend to make future purchases with Blue Nile.

    PURCHASE DATE: 02.23.2023
  • Amelia Francis
    August 21, 2023

    I purchased 3 sets of sterling silver earrings from Blue Nile to find an everyday pair. Each set boasts beautiful and timeless designs. Upon trying them on, one set stood out as the perfect fit. I appreciate the thoughtful detail of having multiple “notches” on the post to keep the earrings secure. Unfortunately, I lost one earring backing, but replacing it with a tighter fit resolved the issue. Overall, the experience was positive, and returning the items was hassle-free. Id recommend Blue Nile for its quality and customer service.

    PURCHASE DATE: 02.03.2023
  • May Bartlett
    August 19, 2023

    After owning my engagement ring from Blue Nile for approximately six years, I encountered a disheartening situation where the diamond fell out. Despite their touted “lifetime guarantee,” the reality is far from satisfactory. They accepted the ring for inspection but then claimed it was beyond repair. Their solution was to melt down the platinum and charge a hefty $749 for a new setting. The promises they make are empty and misleading. Blue Niles distinction between a manufacturing defect and “normal wear and tear” is questionable, especially for a bezel-set ring without prongs. Its perplexing that a wedding ring is expected to last just six years. The experience felt more like a sales pitch rather than a genuine effort to honor their commitment.

    PURCHASE DATE: 05.02.2023
  • Mia Roberson
    August 17, 2023

    My experience with Blue Nile Jewelry has been disappointing. I bought a citrine ring that quickly turned cloudy despite regular wear and proper care. When I contacted them about the issue, it seemed like a complicated process to resolve. Due to personal emergencies, I couldnt prioritize it at the time. The rings quality didnt match its $600+ price tag.

    PURCHASE DATE: 02.21.2023
  • Holly Salazar
    August 14, 2023

    Im thoroughly disappointed with my experience with Blue Nile. Seven years ago, I thoughtfully chose a unique and exquisite engagement ring for my bride-to-be from Blue Nile, and she was overjoyed with it. Fast forward to our fifth wedding anniversary, and I naturally turned to Blue Nile again to find the perfect diamond anniversary band for her. She adored it as well.

    However, my satisfaction quickly turned into frustration when, just ten months later, the anniversary band lost not one, but two diamonds. In a state of disbelief, we returned the ring to their customer service for repair. To our astonishment, they declined to cover the replacement of the lost stones, insisting that the nearly $400 repair cost was our responsibility.

    What boggles the mind is that Blue Nile attributed the loss of the stones to “wear and tear,” even though my wifes diamond wedding ring, which she wears adjacent to the anniversary band, has shown no such issues. Its perplexing that a ring costing less than half the price of the Blue Nile ring has managed to withstand daily wear without any problems.

    Hoping for a resolution, I requested to speak with a manager. Unfortunately, my request was met with refusal, even when I proposed splitting the repair cost. This whole experience has been disheartening and frustrating for both my wife and me. Seeing her emotions over the lost stones was heart-wrenching.

    I strongly advise anyone considering a purchase from Blue Nile to think twice. Their claims of being a high-end, customer-focused company do not align with our experience. The disappointment and lack of assistance in this situation have left a sour taste, making me question their commitment to customer satisfaction.

    PURCHASE DATE: 05.14.2023
  • Megan Spenser
    August 12, 2023

    My engagement ring, a creation from the Blue Nile, initially sparked delight due to its beauty and a diamond of commendable quality. However, my positive experience quickly waned after that. Both my husband and I opted to buy our wedding rings from Blue Nile as well. Despite our hopes, the tale takes a less satisfying turn from here.

    Our marriage took place in January 2023, and by March, my ring had cracked through the back, necessitating a return for repair. Astonishingly, the story repeats itself a few months later when my husbands ring breaks as well, prompting a replacement. While Blue Nile asserts the quality of their products, my call to customer service to address the glaring issue was met with an unexpected response.

    In a perplexing twist, their customer service suggested that our wear habits could be the cause of the problem. Its worth noting that we both exercise caution, removing our rings when we engage in activities like working out or swimming. The insinuation that our handling was responsible for the breakage struck me as rather disconcerting. This incident seems to underline that the rings we received may have been of subpar quality, a fact that the Blue Nile seemed reluctant to acknowledge.

    Eventually, they did repair and replace our rings, but the interaction left a sour taste. Their refusal to acknowledge potential issues with the rings quality and instead laying blame on us, the customers, was disappointing. After a month of back-and-forth, our troubles were compensated with a mere $25 gift card. This gesture felt like a minimal response to the ordeal we had endured.

    Ultimately, this ordeal has led to the firm decision that we wont be making any more jewelry purchases from Blue Nile. The initial delight and trust that came with my engagement ring were overshadowed by the lack of accountability and a token compensation that seemed to undermine the significance of our concerns.

    PURCHASE DATE: 01.12.2023
  • Syl Sanusi
    July 6, 2023

    I deeply regret placing my trust in multiple blogs and articles that spoke positively about Blue Nile. It now seems apparent that those sources may have been paid to promote the company. I ordered a pair of leverback earrings with GIA certified diamonds for my daughters graduation gift on May 19th.

    Unfortunately, the initial package encountered an address issue and was returned to Blue Nile before reaching me. They then informed me that the package was lost, and I would need to choose a replacement. However, they later stated that the setting for the earrings was unavailable, even though it was available for new orders. They continued to provide various reasons for delays, such as the need for security review and confirmation from the merchandising team. After all these complications, they eventually informed me that my original package had been found!

    Despite this news, it has been a week since then, and I have neither received the diamond nor received any updates on the status of my order as of July 6th. The customer service from Blue Nile has been practically non-existent, with emails taking 3-5 days for a response, and calls going unanswered despite multiple attempts.

    I am currently attempting to process a refund, although I am uncertain if I will be successful in getting my money back. This entire experience has been incredibly disappointing and frustrating, especially since it was meant to be a special gift for my daughters graduation.

    PURCHASE DATE: 06.07.2023
  • Jenn Wade
    July 6, 2023

    My husband purchased my engagement ring from Blue Nile. It was beautiful and the diamond was good quality. The positives stop there. We both purchased our wedding rings from Blue Nile. We were married in October of 2022, In January, my ring cracked all the way through the back so I had to return it for repair. A few months later, my husband’s ring broke and his had to be replaced. Blue Nile stands behind their quality so when I called customer service to question why both our rings broke in such a short time, I was told that it could be how we wore our rings. We both take our rings off when we work out, go into pools, etc. It seems to me like both our rings were of inferior quality and Blue Nile did not want to own up to it. They did repair and replace our rings but when questioned on their quality, they pointed the finger at us, their customers. After a month of battling with them, they finally sent us a gift card of $25 for our inconvenience. What a slap in the face. Really our head aches were only worth $25 to them. Needless to say we will not be purchasing any more jewelry from Blue Nile.

    PURCHASE DATE: 08.10.2022
    June 22, 2023

    DISAPPOINTED! Seven years ago I purchased a beautiful and unique Blue Nile engagement ring for my soon to be bride. She loved it and said yes and we were soon married. A little over a year ago was our fifth wedding anniverasary and natually I returned to Blue Nile to purchase a diamond anniversary band for her and again she loved it. Ten month later the band lost two diamonds so we returned the ring to customer serrvice for repair. To our suprise they declined to cover the lost stones and required that we pay nearly $400 to repair the ring. Ten months of use and they claim that “wear” is what cause the loss of the stones, yet my wifes diamond wedding ring which she wears next to the anniversay ring and by the way cost less that half of the BN ring is fine. Well I asked to speak to a manager and they declined to even split the cost of repairing her band with me. So disappointing for my wife and I. She was in tears at the loss of the stones. PLEASE think twice before buying from Blue Nile as they are not the high end, customer service oriented company that they claim to be.

    PURCHASE DATE: 22.06.2023

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