This budget-friendly brand, Missoma, is a Margot Robbie favorite in her latest film and everyday life.

The Barbie craze has swept the nation, captivating audiences and fashion enthusiasts alike. One of the hottest topics? The jewelry Margot Robbie wears as Barbie, particularly a brand that is not only stylish but also surprisingly affordable. Robbie dons pieces from this brand in real life and on screen.

While embodying Barbie, Robbie showcases a ‘Ridge Heart Charm’ necklace by Missoma, complete with a chunky heart pendant crafted from 18-carat recycled gold-plated brass strung on a bobble chain. This statement piece perfectly complements her lemon-yellow dress in the film. After the movie premiere, this necklace sold out in a few moments. Now, it can be bought freely on the Missoma site, Etsy, or elsewhere. For September 2023, this necklace cost $206 on Missoma’s official site.

Missoma Heart Necklace and Other Jewelry Margot Robbie Wears in 'Barbie'

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Another stunning Missoma item appears in the film, sported by ‘Celebrated Author Barbie,’ portrayed by Alexandra Shipp. The ‘Jelly Heart Gemstone Charm’ necklace is an eye-catching addition to any jewelry collection, featuring multicolored hearts made of dyed mango and aqua chalcedony, as well as blue, purple, and pink quartz, all set on an 18-carat recycled gold-plated brass chain. It’s the epitome of Barbie chic.

Missoma Jelly Heart Gemstone Charm Margot Robbie Wears in 'Barbie'

Robbie’s affinity for Missoma isn’t new; she’s been a long-time fan of the brand. She even wore Missoma’s ‘Medium Engravable Roman Arc Coin’ necklace, a Lucy Williams collaboration piece, to a pre-Oscars ‘Women in Film’ party. She has been spotted wearing the ‘Large Horn’ necklace during a surfing outing in Malibu.

Missoma Medium Engravable Roman Arc Coin Margot Robbie Barbie Wears

And Robbie isn’t the only high-profile admirer of the brand. The Princess of Wales and other A-list celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid, and Emily Ratajkowski have also been sporting various Missoma pieces. This moderately priced label should be your first stop if you’re searching for a long-lasting part of Barbie-related fashion.

As for real life, Margot Robbie, a Barbie actress, wears not only Missoma jewelry. She has a great sense of style and often wears natural diamond jewelry from different brands. Her most memorable looks include Jacob & Co spider earrings at the Wolf of Wall Street premiere, Chanel camellia flower earrings at the 2020 BAFTAs, and Messika Desert Bloom earrings and ring at the Amsterdam European premiere. Also, you can see she wears different Jewelry brands on her Instagram.

Jewelry Margot Robbie Barbie Wears

As for Missoma’s everyday jewelry, Margot Robbie also wears more pricey jewelry from this brand. The actress likes long earrings and a Desert Bloom High Jewelry collection diamond ring.

High Jewelry Margot Robbie Barbie Wears

FAQ about Missoma Heart Necklace and Other Jewelry Margot Robbie Wears in ‘Barbie’ and real life

Q: What Necklace does Margot Robbie wear in ‘Barbie: The Movie’?
A: ‘Ridge Heart Charm’ necklace by Missoma.
Q: Where can I buy the Ridge Heart Charm necklace by Missoma?
A: On the official Missoma site, Etsy, and offline jewelry stores.
Q: Does Margot Robbie from ‘Barbie’ wear Missoma jewelry in real life?
A: Yes, she wears that brand in real life. And not only fine jewelry but High Jewelry from this brand also.
Q: What other Jewelry brands wear Margot Robbie from ‘Barbie’ in real life?
A: Jacob & Co, Chanel, Messika, and others.