Missoma has gained a strong following for its contemporary, affordable, and chic jewelry. Founded in 2008, Missoma has grown exponentially, becoming a leading brand in affordable luxury jewelry. Missoma is renowned for its layering pieces, geometric shapes, and semi-precious gemstones, which give the brand its distinct identity. Many collections can be named semi-fine jewelry. Usually, they are based on sterling silver and then plated with gold. So it’s not a very expensive jewelry.  Missoma is a brand that is not often counterfeited. Since their main collections are not from the premium segment of jewelry. Nevertheless, more expensive products and very popular ones are still faked. This is especially true of the popular “Ridge Heart Charm” necklace. Margot Robbie wore this necklace in the Barbie movie.

After the movie premiere, this necklace was sold out in a few moments, and then many counterfeits appeared on the market to meet the huge demand, which Missoma didn’t expect.


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Key Materials and Craftsmanship in Genuine Missoma Pieces

Materials Used in Authentic Missoma Jewelry

  • 18K Gold Vermeil: A gold layer over sterling silver, often plated or stamped.
  • Sterling Silver: Used particularly in certain collections as a base and then plated with gold.
  • Gemstones: Genuine Missoma pieces frequently feature semi-precious stones. In the photo below, you can see a Missoma necklace with malachite stone.

Indicators of Quality

  • Finish: Authentic pieces have a polished, immaculate finish.
  • Clasps and Fastenings: Well-crafted, sturdy, and sometimes branded.
  • Stamp: A hallmark or ‘925’ stamp on the sterling silver pieces.
  • Weight: Check product weight on Missoma’s official site and compare it to your jewelry. For example, the necklace “Ridge Heart Charm” from the Barbie movie weighs 8.97g. Fakes usually weigh less.

Packaging and Documentation: What to Expect

Packaging Details

  • Box: Authentic Missoma comes in a branded blue box or pouch.

  • Care Card: Includes instructions on how to care for the jewelry and little polishing cloth

Additional Verifiers

  • Invoice: Detailed description of the piece, the purchase date, and the price.
  • Certification: Some pieces come with a certificate of authenticity.

Checklist: Identifying Genuine vs. Fake Missoma Jewelry

FeatureGenuine Missoma JewelryFake Missoma Jewelry
Material18k Gold Vermeil/SilverUsually cheaper materials
WeightFairly lightweight but solidToo light or too heavy
FinishPolishedOften poor
Clasps/FasteningsRobust and possibly brandedUsually flimsy
PackagingBranded blue box/pouchGeneric or low-quality
DocumentationCare card, possibly a certificateUsually missing or poor

Pro Tips for Making an Informed Purchase

  1. Buy from Authorized Dealers: Always make sure you purchase from an authorized retailer or from Missoma.
  2. Examine the Quality: If possible, examine the piece in person for signs of the craftsmanship you’d expect from Missoma.
  3. Documentation Check: Always ask for documentation, such as care cards or certificates.

If you purchase from Missoma’s official site – double-check that its URL is missoma.com. Every other word in the URL means you are on a fake site. Buy wisely!