If you’re considering purchasing gold jewelry, it’s essential to understand the significance behind these mysterious descriptions. Today, we’ll delve into the 375 gold purity and answer common questions about this alloy.

If you’re a lover of jewelry like me, you might have come across the term 375 jewelry and wondered what precisely 375 jewelry means. Well, wonder no more as this post will give you the lowdown on 375 jewelry (a.k.a. Nine karats yellow gold), a look at gold vs. silver for your jewelry, and some must-have 375 jewelry pieces. Read on!

The Legacy of Gold

Gold, a noble metal, has been a part of human history since ancient times. Once, gold symbolized power and divinity, reserved only for the elite. Over time, its ubiquity increased, but its unique status remained the same. Gold jewelry remains a symbol during special moments such as engagements and weddings. The jewelry market offers products in various gold purities, including the 375 gold purity.

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What is 375 Gold Purity?

When we speak of gold jewelry, we often refer to “gold earrings” or a “gold ring.” However, it’s important to note that pure gold isn’t used in jewelry production due to its softness, which makes it easily deformable. As a result, alloys are created by mixing gold with other metals and fluxes. With the addition of silver, for instance, gold attains a straw-like hue and, more importantly, becomes more rigid and durable. As you might have guessed, gold purity indicates the percentage of pure gold in the alloy used for a particular jewelry piece.

So, what does 375 gold purity mean? Put, jewelry marked with this purity contains 37.5% pure gold. In contrast, the 585 gold purity contains 58.5% pure gold, while the 750 gold purity boasts a hefty 75%.

375 Gold Purity in Karats

Karats are another unit used to describe jewelry and other gold products. It represents the properties of gemstones and gold. One karat is equivalent to 1/24 of the pure gold content in an alloy. Hence, 375 gold purity translates to 9-karat gold.

How to Verify 375 Gold Purity?

It’s good to know that hallmarking laws regulate the trade of precious metals in our country. Artisans like us are registered in district hallmarking offices. These institutions assign a unique mark to each artisan, allowing for product identification.

Gold 375 - what is it?

Additionally, per Polish regulations, before being dispatched to the customer, any gold product weighing over 1 gram first goes through the hallmarking office. There, the gold content in the alloy is verified, and as a result, the jewelry piece gets a hallmark. This official mark indicates the gold purity of the jewelry. These marks are usually placed in inconspicuous spots to maintain the visual appeal. While they might be hard to spot with the naked eye, a magnifying glass should reveal them quickly.

Does 375 Gold Tarnish?

Jewelry is a unique category of precious metal products. We wear it almost daily, often without removing it, even during baths or workouts. This constant wear exposes the alloy to various factors. So, does 375 gold tarnish? The answer is yes.

9-karat gold can darken over time due to the high content of other metals, such as silver. Gold alloys containing less than 50% pure gold will develop a dark patina when exposed to sulfur compounds, which are present in the air. Consequently, over time, jewelry might lose its shine or, if not appropriately cared for, could even corrode. If your gold pieces have become dull, don’t worry. This is a reversible process. Cleaning and polishing can restore the shine of 375 gold purity. For this, it’s advisable to use particular jeweler’s clothes that won’t scratch the items.

Is 375 Gold Purity Good?

Absolutely! Jewelry of this purity will undoubtedly retain its beauty for a long time, provided you know how to care for it. So, when should you opt for 9-karat gold pieces? Given the lower gold content, it’s a more budget-friendly option, which reduces the price.

375 gold purity is also a good choice if the jewelry isn’t intended for daily wear. For instance, for wedding and engagement jewelry that’s typically worn continuously, higher purities like 585 are preferred. This higher-purity gold is better suited for everyday wear. It’s also worth noting that 9-karat gold might cause allergic reactions for some.

Caring for 375 Gold Purity

First and foremost, remove your gold jewelry during activities like workouts, sea or pool baths, or cleaning. Gold’s contact with sweat, chlorinated or salt water, or cleaning agents can lead to quicker tarnishing or staining. Be mindful of how you store your jewelry. Avoid leaving it in bathrooms, where high humidity can be detrimental. Store it in a bedroom, wardrobe, or another well-ventilated space. Ensure airtight containers, preferably lined with soft fabric or sponge, to keep your jewelry.

If you’re selling nine karat gold products, the price of gold is determined by the weight, measured in troy ounces (31.103 grams). So, to determine how much gold might be worth, consider the current market value for a troy ounce of gold and divide that number by 31.103 to get your investment’s equivalent ounce value.