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  • Mayra Rios
    September 1, 2023

    I had to make changes to a custom order I had placed, and I must say Cherry from Soufeel was an absolute superstar in terms of her responsiveness and assistance. She got back to me incredibly quickly and provided all the help I needed to successfully re-customize my order. Her excellent support made the whole process a breeze, and Im very satisfied with the service I received from Soufeel.

    PURCHASE DATE: 02.08.2023
  • Jeannie Fitzgerald
    August 30, 2023

    Im thrilled with the necklace I ordered as a gift for my boyfriend, who lost his mom. Seeing his tears of joy when he opened it meant the world to me. Thank you immensely for creating such a meaningful piece. Ill be placing another order soon! ❤️

    PURCHASE DATE: 03.16.2023
  • Deann Chase
    August 29, 2023

    Im thrilled with the excellent quality of the product. Its well-crafted and comes at a fantastic price point. I bought the necklace as a gift for a friend, and she was delighted with it. The entire purchasing experience was fantastic, making it an excellent buy overall.

    PURCHASE DATE: 02.07.2023
  • Mable Gillespie
    August 27, 2023

    I gave my boyfriend the most meaningful gift – a custom bracelet from Soufeel. With a photo featuring him, his granddad, and his late father, it was a poignant tribute. I surprised him just before the funeral, and his reaction was truly heartfelt. The expedited shipping ensured it arrived on time, and he wore it to the service. This gift is truly special and wont disappoint.

    PURCHASE DATE: 01.02.2023
  • Jill Schmitt
    August 25, 2023

    A few years ago, I purchased photo charms from Soufeel Jewelry and I was thrilled with their quality, which remains impeccable to this day. Recently, I placed another order for charms and keychains for my loved ones and myself. While one of the keychains had a minor chip, the swift response from customer service was truly impressive. The products continue to display great quality, and the exceptional customer service only adds to the positive experience. Im certain that Ill be making more orders from Soufeel Jewelry in the future.

    PURCHASE DATE: 04.21.2023
  • Cheryl Trevino
    August 23, 2023

    This gift from Soufeel Jewelry was truly exceptional! I had a bracelet created for my boyfriend as a tribute to his late father and grandfather, his childhood idols. I included a photo of him with them, and he was deeply moved when I gave it to him before the funeral. The expedited shipping ensured it arrived just in time for the service. The sentimental value and quality of the bracelet exceeded our expectations. If youre contemplating this meaningful gift, I highly recommend it – its a choice you wont regret.

    PURCHASE DATE: 01.10.2023
  • Gina Mcclain
    August 22, 2023

    I purchased a matching bracelet for my boyfriend and myself from Soufeel as an anniversary gift. The quality of the bracelets exceeded our expectations. Seeing his eyes light up when he opened his bracelet was priceless. These bracelets are not just accessories; they symbolize happiness and love in a world that was once filled with heartache. Thank you, Soufeel, for providing us with such a perfect gift that he can wear every day, reminding us of the love and appreciation we share. ❤️

    PURCHASE DATE: 03.16.2023
  • Bettye Escobar
    August 20, 2023

    In my view, the numerous 5-star reviews for Soufeel jewelry seem fabricated. Ive had a fraudulent experience with Soufeel. I advise against purchasing from them. Be cautious, as their promised 5-9 days delivery is misleading. The domain appears to be a deception, as their actual base is in China. Customer service is lacking, with no UK phone line available. Opt for PayPal over card payments to increase your chances of getting a refund.

    PURCHASE DATE: 04.12.2023
  • Erma Cohen
    August 18, 2023

    Dealing with Soufeel Jewelry has turned into a frustrating experience filled with miscommunication. Both charms in my order arrived scratched and one was even broken. I went through the process of requesting replacements, but the back-and-forth with customer service has been overwhelming. Despite providing the necessary information and photos to prove the damage, Im receiving conflicting and confusing emails regarding the issue. My simple request for a replacement and shipping has turned into a major headache.

    PURCHASE DATE: 04.01.2023
  • Alyssa Ponce
    August 17, 2023

    Dealing with Soufeel has been a significant headache due to miscommunication. The charms I received were scratched and one was even broken. I went through the process of requesting remakes, but the communication with customer service has been confusing and contradictory. Despite providing all the necessary information and photos to demonstrate the damage, the issue hasnt been resolved smoothly. My only request was for a replacement of the order, but it seems like a straightforward solution has become unnecessarily complicated.

    PURCHASE DATE: 05.24.2023
  • Alana Daniels
    August 13, 2023

    I placed an order for a personalized charm with Soufeel last Tuesday, and Im quite disappointed by the lack of communication regarding my orders status. As of now, the online order status simply reads “processing,” without any additional details on when I can expect the item to be shipped or delivered. This situation is rather concerning, especially given the significance of the charm—it was intended to be worn in honor of my late grandmother at her upcoming funeral this Saturday.

    I had hoped that by now I would have received more information about the progress of my order and an estimated delivery date. Unfortunately, the absence of any updates has left me uncertain whether the charm will arrive in time for the funeral. This lack of transparency and timely communication is not what I anticipated when making this purchase, and its disappointing to find myself in this situation during such a meaningful and sensitive time.

    While I understand that delays can occur, I believe that timely and clear communication is essential when it comes to online orders, especially when customers have specific timelines or occasions in mind. I hope that Soufeel can provide me with accurate information about my orders status and delivery so that I can make appropriate arrangements for my grandmothers funeral.

    PURCHASE DATE: 01.26.2023
  • Jiska Loza
    July 8, 2023

    I ordered some photo charms a few years back and loved them. They’re still in perfect condition. I just placed another order with charms/ keychains for my family, friends and myself. One of my keychains had a chip in the corner and the customer service response time was amazing. Great quality products, and great customer service. I would definitely order again.

    PURCHASE DATE: 07.07.2023
  • Maria Z.
    June 17, 2023

    In late May, I ordered some customized necklaces and there were some issues because of mailing upon arrival. We immediately contacted customer support and got an immediate response. Cherry, the person who helped us, was extremely professional and fast with their replies and quickly offered us a solution. We had our order replaced and Im so happy with how beautiful the necklaces are along with the profesionalism of this company.

    PURCHASE DATE: 26.05.2023
  • Paul Dominguez
    May 12, 2023

    Place an order at the in the middle of April for a Mothers Day gift for for May 14th 2023. Several delays later, and the item wont be shipped until Mothers Day the 14th, and will take two and a half weeks to arrive after the original scheduled delivery date. Due to manufacturer and processes within the company the item was never sent within a timely manner. Customer service refused to cancel the order,and refund the entire order amount. I was advised if order is canceled a restocking fee would apply and I would lose 30% of what I originally paid. I would recommend finding a gift on Etsy or any other location other than this website.

    PURCHASE DATE: 01.05.2023

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