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  • Amanda Farmer
    September 2, 2023

    Factory Direct Jewelry offers an outstanding selection of jewelry, and I particularly appreciate the diverse range of rings and earrings they provide. Their commitment to quality is evident in the pieces Ive purchased from them, which include several rings, necklaces, and earrings.

    Recently, I acquired a travel kit from Factory Direct Jewelry, and Im looking forward to using it. It promises to be an excellent solution for keeping my jewelry neatly organized and tangle-free while I travel, preventing any mishaps where pieces might get wrapped around other items. This thoughtful accessory is a testament to their dedication to customer convenience and satisfaction.

    PURCHASE DATE: 03.15.2023
  • Alisha Golden
    August 31, 2023

    In my collection of Effy Jewelry, Ive noticed that the chain on this particular piece feels thinner and less substantial than I anticipated, especially considering its original price. Additionally, Im not a fan of the new packaging approach – placing a necklace in a plastic bag within a pouch seems counterproductive, as it could lead to tangling and damage. Despite my concerns about these changes, the butterfly design itself remains stunning. Its disappointing to see a high-end brand like Effy take this direction.

    PURCHASE DATE: 01.13.2023
  • Claudia Neal
    August 29, 2023

    The ring is undeniably beautiful, yet my excitement was due to the precise colors in the image aligning with my familys birthstones. My longing for a family ring was met with disappointment as the received piece bore different shades, catching me off guard as the description provided no insight into possible variations. Investing a significant amount and receiving a distinct look was disheartening. I reached out to customer service and received a response implying acceptance of the situation. A 5-star experience would have been achieved had the colors mirrored the initial image.

    PURCHASE DATE: 04.13.2023
  • Krystal Camacho
    August 28, 2023

    My wife adored it! A perfect addition to her black and white Factory Direct snake bracelet, which I gifted her during our cruise to celebrate her victory over cancer a few months back. Thank you, Factory Direct, for your swift service and the ease of communication with your friendly staff. I truly appreciate the pieces Ive purchased.

    PURCHASE DATE: 02.11.2023
  • Roberta Dawson
    August 26, 2023

    Receiving my ninth piece of jewelry from Factory Direct has once again confirmed their unwavering commitment to quality. The consistent excellence of their products is something I can always count on. While most of my purchases have been in-store, their online offerings are equally reliable. I trust that whether shopping in-person or online, Factory Direct delivers exactly whats promised. This recent experience is no exception, further reinforcing my confidence in their brand.

    PURCHASE DATE: 03.23.2023
  • Esperanza Payne
    August 24, 2023

    My experience with Factory Direct Jewelry has been consistently exceptional. This is my ninth piece from them, and once again, Im thoroughly satisfied with the unwavering quality they offer. Their products are always reliable, and I trust them wholeheartedly. While Ive made most of my purchases in person, their online shopping is just as reliable. As expected, my recent purchase lives up to the advertised standards, reaffirming my confidence in their brand.

    PURCHASE DATE: 03.22.2023
  • Sallie Barnes
    August 22, 2023

    The jewelry I received from Factory Direct matched the online pictures, which was a pleasant surprise. While my girlfriends necklace was exactly what I wanted, I did encounter an issue with my necklace. It seems the one I selected was not available, and they replaced it with a different one. Although I assume it might have been due to stock availability, a simple courtesy email informing me of the change and the cost difference would have been appreciated. Despite this minor hiccup, Im content with my purchase and intend to continue shopping here in the future. Thank you, Factory Direct, for the overall positive experience.

    PURCHASE DATE: 05.16.2023
  • Kristy Norris
    August 21, 2023

    The jewelry I received matched the pictures, which was great. My girlfriends necklace was exactly what I wanted. However, my necklace wasnt the one I initially picked. It seems they might have been out of stock or it got sold at the same time I selected it. It would have been nice to receive an email informing me of this situation and offering an alternative option. I would have been okay with that. Despite this, Im still very content with my purchase and intend to continue buying from Factory Direct Jewelry in the future. Thank you for your service.

    PURCHASE DATE: 03.03.2023
  • Rachel Shaw
    August 19, 2023

    In March, I purchased my Allah pendant necklace, which unfortunately broke, and lost a diamond. I sought a local jeweler who quoted $45 for repair. I then contacted Factory Direct Jewelry, where Mariam, the receptionist, proved helpful and kind. After discussing it with management, they had me return the necklace for reevaluation. I received a new replacement necklace and Im delighted with their excellent customer service. This positive experience ensures Ill continue getting my jewelry and keepsakes from FDJ in the future!

    PURCHASE DATE: 03.23.2023
  • Rosanne Patterson
    August 17, 2023

    I had ordered the Celtic Trinity Band ring for my granddaughters First Holy Communion, along with one for myself. The concept was lovely, but upon arrival, I was disappointed. The quality didnt match my expectations. I needed to have them resized and NICK from customer service was helpful and efficient in managing my request. If you plan to order, consider going a half size larger due to the bands width. While I initially had high hopes, my experience fell short of expectations.

    PURCHASE DATE: 04.27.2023
  • Constance Robertson
    August 16, 2023

    I strongly recommend avoiding Factory Direct Jewelry for your jewelry purchases. My experience with them has been disappointing. I bought earrings for a birthday present, but they arrived late and were not the pair I ordered. After returning them, the replacement arrived with a cracked stone. Despite assurances of a quick replacement, I waited a week without receiving it. Eventually, I was informed of an accidental refund and asked to repurchase. I requested a recharge and matching replacement, but my emails have gone unanswered for over 2 weeks. Its now mid-July. There are better options with superior customer service, so steer clear of this seller.

    PURCHASE DATE: 03.22.2023
  • Lynda Bray
    August 12, 2023

    I placed an order for a ring, one for my Granddaughters First Holy Communion and another for myself, both featuring the captivating Celtic Trinity Band design. Upon their arrival, I was genuinely taken aback by the impressive quality they exhibited. However, resizing was necessary, and this process shed light on the exceptional customer service provided by NICK, who promptly and enthusiastically addressed my request. An observation I would share is the recommendation to opt for a half-size larger due to the bands width.

    The concept of the Celtic Trinity Band resonated with me, and I was delighted to find that the actual rings lived up to the promise. The resizing process didnt deter my positive impression of the quality and design. The interaction with customer service added another layer of satisfaction to the experience. My confidence in Factory Direct Jewelrys offerings has grown, and Ive since recommended their site to several others. The intention to continue shopping here speaks to the level of contentment Ive derived from this transaction.

    PURCHASE DATE: 03.25.2023
  • Jennifer C.
    July 10, 2023

    I ordered an item on June 29th. I was waiting on shipping confirmation or something and absolutely nothing. I emailed, fb messaged, etc. and finally got a response AFTER A MONTH. They stated they would overnight my item. Which they did but I wouldnt have received my item on time had I not contacted them back to back. Worst service ever!

    PURCHASE DATE: 29.06.2023
  • Judge G.
    July 10, 2023

    Waited weeks for an expensive pendant which was supposed to arrive in 3 days. Messages back and forth, they were looking for a stone to put in the pendant? Pendant arrives weeks later and looks nothing like the photo.

    These guys should be shut down for false advertising and fraud.

    Now I get to pay to return the item. Thats some bullshit!

    PURCHASE DATE: 04.01.2023

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