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  • Hallie Barber
    September 2, 2023

    Before this order, weve always acquired our Effy jewelry onboard Princess Cruises, and we must say that the staff there has been consistently awesome. However, we recognize that online shopping can be somewhat risky, and items may not always match our screen expectations. Nevertheless, when it comes to Effy, we hold their jewelry to a high standard, particularly in terms of quality.

    Regrettably, the two bracelets we ordered as Christmas gifts didnt quite meet our expectations in terms of quality. Both recipients find it challenging to clasp or unclasp on their own. Additionally, one of the bracelets seems a bit small for comfort.

    Yet, the most significant issue we encountered was during the order process. We had requested the use of our FedEx account number to simplify customs and brokerage matters. Unfortunately, this request was overlooked. We received a notification from Effy after the items had already been shipped, indicating that it was too late to make this change, which was rather frustrating.

    Moreover, we were compelled to pay exorbitant charges to take possession of the parcel, which was an unexpected and disappointing expense.

    Considering these factors, we have reservations about ordering from Effy online in the future.

    PURCHASE DATE: 02.09.2023
  • Julianne Frazier
    August 31, 2023

    Effy Jewelrys team made the process of upgrading my necklace incredibly smooth and hassle-free. Their prompt responses to my queries ensured a seamless experience. The final result? A stunning new necklace that I adore. Kudos to Effy for their excellent service!

    PURCHASE DATE: 01.25.2023
  • Ashley Dyer
    August 29, 2023

    Adore these earrings! I initially acquired them during a cruise, but unfortunately lost one. Kept checking the website periodically for availability, and to my delight, they finally had them in stock. Managed to snag them with a fantastic 40% discount. Thrilled with my purchase!

    PURCHASE DATE: 03.09.2023
  • Marva Stanley
    August 28, 2023

    Adore these earrings! Initially purchased it on a cruise, but unfortunately, lost one. Kept checking Effys website for availability, and to my delight, they were back in stock. Managed to snag them with a fantastic 40% discount. Thrilled with my purchase!

    PURCHASE DATE: 01.05.2023
  • Lourdes Rojas
    August 26, 2023

    Effy Jewelry exceeded my expectations with the earrings I purchased. They arrived meticulously packaged, maintaining their perfect condition. The colors remained true to the online depiction, and the size was exactly what I had hoped for. The unique setting adds to their beauty, garnering numerous compliments when I wear them. This satisfying experience assures me that Ill be returning to Effy for more. Grateful for this purchase!

    PURCHASE DATE: 02.08.2023
  • Hilary Beard
    August 24, 2023

    Effy Jewelry has a reputation for extravagant pieces, but I found my perfect match in their simple blue diamond studs, which were even on sale! Unlike my sisters elaborate choices, these studs resonated with my style. The color and diamond quality are impeccable. The well-crafted settings and secure backs have kept them in place comfortably for over a week without any issues. Im thrilled with my tasteful and elegant purchase from Effy.

    PURCHASE DATE: 02.16.2023
  • Joy Woods
    August 22, 2023

    Effy Jewelry consistently delivers beautiful pieces, and my recent ring purchase is no exception. The craftsmanship and design are truly impressive. However, my experience with FedEx was disappointing. The tracking information was inconsistent, leading to missed delivery attempts and delays. It took extra effort to finally retrieve my package due to FedExs inefficiency. I recommend considering an alternative courier service to enhance the overall customer experience. Despite the shipping issues, Effy Jewelry maintains its reputation for quality, earning a well-deserved 5-star rating.

    PURCHASE DATE: 01.24.2023
  • Sonja Turner
    August 21, 2023

    Effy has truly stood out as the finest jewelry company Ive encountered. Their service was exceptional when I bought sapphire pieces in St. Maarten. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Raphael (VIP Concierge) who offered a fantastic deal on a diamond necklace, perfect for my daughters wedding. The necklace arrived in impeccable condition, carefully nestled in a luxurious felt bag within a robust box. Effys dedication to quality and customer care ensures my ongoing loyalty for future purchases.

    PURCHASE DATE: 02.09.2023
  • Rosario Shepherd
    August 19, 2023

    I have several EFFY jewelry pieces and have always been pleased. After admiring this item for a while, I finally bought it on the final call. However, I found the chain too short and the stone quality lacking. Despite this, I remain an EFFY fan due to their guaranteed satisfaction and my past positive experiences.

    PURCHASE DATE: 04.10.2023
  • Janis Livingston
    August 17, 2023

    After a 6-week wait, thanks to the efforts of Zoey, the bracelet finally arrived. However, I must admit my disappointment. The bracelet is uncomfortable to wear and doesnt seem to reflect its reported value. This experience is quite a letdown compared to the other wonderful Effy items I own.

    PURCHASE DATE: 05.03.2023
  • Bridgett Santiago
    August 16, 2023

    Im quite disappointed with my recent experience with Effy Jewelry. The Lapis ring I ordered appeared blue on the website, as it should for laps, but the one I received looked more like onyx. The color discrepancy left me unsatisfied. While I understand that natural stones can vary in color, the response I received via email didnt sit well with me. This is the first time Ive ever been dissatisfied with an EFFY purchase.

    PURCHASE DATE: 01.27.2023
  • Adrian Murray
    August 12, 2023

    My experience with Clean Origin Jewelry involved the purchase of two pairs of earrings on May 10, 2023, which were delivered as expected. The first pair, the Classic Sterling Silver Earrings with round diamonds, proved satisfactory, presenting no problems. However, my experience with the second pair, the Sterling Silver Pearl Earrings with fresh water pearl, encountered some hiccups.

    Upon attempting to wear the pearl earrings, I encountered a recurring issue where they dislodged from my ears twice. Fearful of losing them, I made the decision to return them. Subsequently, I received a call from Effy customer service, stating that they found no issues with the earrings fit and secureness. This assessment didnt align with my experience, and my request for a store credit was put forth.

    However, since my conversation with customer service, there has been a lack of communication or progress regarding the store credit issuance. The uncertainty surrounding this matter has left me in a state of limbo, unsure about the resolution of my concern.

    In reflection, my journey with Clean Origin Jewelry encompassed a mix of contentment and disappointment. While one pair of earrings met expectations, the challenges I faced with the other pair highlighted discrepancies between my experience and the evaluation of customer service. The ongoing wait for a store credit adds to the unresolved nature of this situation, leaving me uncertain about the overall outcome.

    PURCHASE DATE: 05.10.2023
  • Mary I.
    July 10, 2023

    Ive bought Effy jewelry from Macys over the past several years. Two years ago, I bought a gorgeous, genuine emerald ring that has many small diamonds (that do not have prongs to hold them in). The original price was over $4,000, but I bought it for $1,500 on a great sale. I wear it often and Ive never lost any of the tiny diamonds. I even had Macys send it out for sizing, when I first bought it, with no issues. Id highly recommend if you like Effy jewelry, buy it from Macys. It would be very easy to return if you do have any issues. Macys has excellent customer service.

    PURCHASE DATE: 18.03.2022
  • Alicia F.
    July 10, 2023

    Purchased a ring onboard a Norwegian Cruise Line. The diamonds fell out of the ring after 2 wears.

    We arranged a return for a full refund and sent the ring back to America 2 months ago… we got an email to confirm their receipt of the item, but no money returned.

    We have sent numerous emails, tried calling customer services, messaged their social media pages (which have been read and ignored) and have even lowered ourselves to boycotting every one of their posts until we receive a response. Unfortunately with no luck.

    Whatever you do, do NOT buy from the company. The quality in which they boast is far from the truth and the customer service is the worst weve ever received. Now we dont have the faulty ring or the thousands of pounds that we paid for it. Absolute daylight robbery!


    PURCHASE DATE: 30.09.2022

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