When it comes to commemorating love and commitment, wedding, engagement, and eternity rings hold great significance. These special pieces of jewelry symbolize different stages and milestones in a couple’s life. It’s essential to understand the proper order to wear these rings so that their meanings can be fully appreciated.

While each of these rings is distinct, it’s more common than not to wear them all together, one stacked on top of another. If you choose to wear all three of these rings together, you may be wondering what the correct order is to wear them. Consider following this sequence for multiple rings:

Discovering the Right Order to Wear Engagement Rings

It is thought that the idea of engagement rings came from Roman tradition where women used to wear rings attached to small keys to symbolise commitment to their husband. The first diamond engagement ring recorded was back in 1477 when the Archduke of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy. Traditionally, the engagement ring is the first to be presented and worn. This ring is given during the marriage proposal and represents the promise of a future together. The engagement ring is typically worn on the left hand’s ring finger, which is believed to have a direct connection to the heart.

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Which finger do you wear an engagement ring on?

The engagement ring typically graces the left-hand ring finger, often referred to as the designated finger for engagement rings. During the engagement period, it is usual for the engagement ring to be worn solo. Following the wedding day, many couples opt to pair their engagement ring with the wedding band, stacking them together. Nonetheless, certain couples may choose to skip the wedding band, allowing the engagement ring to remain the sole symbol of their commitment.

Discovering the Right Order to Wear Wedding Rings

Dating back to the same period as the engagement ring, wedding rings were popular among the ancient Greeks and Romans, however, it was only the wife who would wear one.  The wedding ring follows the engagement ring and is exchanged during the marriage ceremony. This band symbolizes the union and commitment of the couple. The wedding ring is also worn on the left hand’s ring finger, and it’s usually placed closer to the base of the finger, beneath the engagement ring. This arrangement symbolizes the wedding ring’s direct connection to the heart and the foundation of the marriage.

Which finger do you wear a wedding ring on?

The custom of donning a wedding ring on one’s ring finger has a history that spans centuries. It was the belief of ancient Egyptians that the left hand’s fourth finger housed a vein of love connecting directly to the heart. This age-old tradition persists today, with both men and women continuing to wear their wedding rings on the left-hand ring finger.

Discovering the Right Order to Wear Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are a symbol of eternal love and are beautifully luxurious. Typically they feature identical cut diamonds encrusted all around the metal band creating an exceptional, luminous sparkle.  The eternity ring is a symbol of enduring love and is often given on significant anniversaries or after the birth of a child. Eternity rings can be worn alongside the wedding and engagement rings, usually placed above the engagement ring. This order signifies the ongoing love and growth in the couple’s relationship.

Which finger do you wear an eternity ring on?

When it comes to wearing an eternity ring, there isn’t a strict guideline on which finger it should be placed. For individuals who use an eternity ring as their wedding band, the left ring finger is a suitable choice. If the eternity ring is a present to mark an anniversary or celebrate a child’s birth, the decision is up to the wearer. When the eternity ring complements the engagement and wedding rings, it can be a stunning enhancement to the existing collection.

It’s important to note that customs and traditions can vary across cultures, and personal preferences play a significant role in how these rings are worn. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to decide the arrangement that best reflects their love story and personal style. By understanding the traditional order of wearing wedding, engagement, and eternity rings, you can ensure that these meaningful symbols are displayed with the honor they deserve.