Are 585 gold rings a good choice? When is it worth betting on this particular gold fineness? The short answer is that 585 gold is 14K gold, containing 58.3% or 58.5% pure gold. For the longer answer, keep reading!

What is Gold Fineness?

Before delving into the specifics of 585 gold, we must understand what gold fineness is. Pure gold is a very soft material. Metallurgy is called “malleable,” meaning it’s easily shaped and deformed. Adding other metals and fluxes is essential to create durable jewelry from gold that lasts in good condition. As a result, the gold alloy gains strength. Gold fineness refers to standardized values indicating the percentage of pure gold in a given alloy used for jewelry.

You might wonder why 14K gold is known as 585 gold when it only contains 58.3% gold. This is because some manufacturers produce their 14K gold slightly purer and prefer to call it 585.

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What is 585 Gold?

Gold earrings, rings, or necklaces marked with this value contain 58.5% pure gold. The remaining part of the alloy consists of metals that enhance the alloy’s durability and fluxes. For comparison, 375 gold contains 37.5% pure gold, while 750 gold boasts 75% of the precious metal.

585 Gold Fineness – How Many Karats Is It?

The term “karat” is often used when describing gold products or articles about jewelry. It’s a unit of weight used in jewelry to denote the amount of pure gold in an alloy. One karat equates to 1/24 of the alloy’s pure gold content. Consequently, 585 gold is 14 karats.

How to Check 585 Gold Fineness?

In Poland, the trade in precious metals is regulated by hallmarking laws. By law, every gold item weighing over 1 gram must undergo inspection at a local hallmarking office. There, experts verify whether the jewelry’s material complies with guidelines. As a result, rings, necklaces, and earrings are stamped with an official hallmark, confirming the alloy’s gold content for the buyer.

Please take a look at the received items closely if you’re wondering how to verify gold’s fineness. Hallmarks are usually placed in inconspicuous locations to maintain the aesthetics. They might be challenging to see with the naked eye, but a magnifying glass should help.

Is It Worth Buying 585 Gold Jewelry?

Definitely. 585 gold jewelry is an excellent choice if you’re looking for durable pieces that will look great for a long time. Due to its high content of pure gold, 585 gold rings or necklaces don’t tarnish. This is one of the reasons engagement rings or wedding bands, which are seldom removed, are often made from 14-karat gold. Importantly, unlike lower fineness gold, 585 gold doesn’t cause allergies.

A fundamental property of 585 gold jewelry is its flexibility. This is especially important for necklaces. Unlike pieces of lower fineness, a 585 gold chain or bracelet won’t easily break if snagged. The high gold content ensures links can stretch slightly without breaking under significant tension. That’s why opting for 14-karat gold items is a good idea if you’re after longevity – 585 gold earrings, necklaces, or rings are notably more durable. However, the jewelry price also goes up, considering the almost twice as high gold content as 375 gold.

How to Care for 585 Gold Jewelry?

There are universal guidelines that apply to all jewelry. Remember, there are situations when it’s better to remove your jewelry. When? For instance, while swimming in a pool or sea or during household cleaning. Contact with chlorinated or seawater and chemicals in cleaning agents can negatively impact the jewelry’s condition. Also, ensure proper storage for your jewelry. Choose a dry, well-ventilated space (bathrooms are a no-go) with dedicated jewelry containers.

Hallmarks on 585 Gold

What Does 585 gold Mean

  1. 14K
    14K stamps indicate that the gold jewelry is made from either 583 gold or 585 gold. Some manufacturers might specify ‘583’ or ‘585’ in their stamp, while some may stamp it as 14K. But the price of gold jewelry stamped with 585 or 583 is the same. The price, value, and purity are almost identical.
  2. 14K GP
    If you find a ‘GP’ in the stamp, it stands for gold plated. This is for base metals coated with a thin 14K gold plating layer.
  3. 14K GEP
    14K GEP or 14K GE means the 585 gold jewelry has been electroplated with 14K gold. In this process, a thin layer of gold is applied to the base metal using an electric current.
  4. 14K GF
    The stamp 14K GF stands for ‘gold filled.’ This indicates that the metal is covered in a thicker layer of gold of at least 5%. This makes it a better option than gold plating, which contains minimal gold.

14K gold, often marked as “585,” is an excellent option for those seeking affordable everyday-wear jewelry without compromising elegance. Comparable in appearance to its pricier counterparts, it boasts superior durability and is relatively low maintenance. It’s worth noting that some jewelry might be stamped with both “585” and “14K” designations. We trust this article has clarified any ambiguities you might have had about 585 gold. Should you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask for further insights.