The total cost of a ring resize can be $20 or more. The cost depends on the materials, if the ring is made of precious metal and jewel, and how well the jeweller does his work. Many times a crown, clasp and mounting can be added for less than a tenth of the total cost. A successful jewelry repair is a balance of knowledge and craftsmanship.

The good jewelry repair shops can come up with a ring without any cost. It’s all the cost of labor. The good jewelry repair shops are honest, they have the tools and experience to do the job. The bad jewelry repair shops do their job regardless of the cost. If you’re willing to spend the money, have your ring resized. It’s a common practice in the jewelry industry. The good jewelry repair shops are extremely rare. Most jewelry repair shops do what they can to get by, which includes cutting costs. If you’re looking for hot jewelry repair, look in the yellow pages.

Understanding the Cost of Ring Resizing

The closer you keep your jewelry to normal weight and condition, the easier and less expensive a resizing will be. The high-end jewelry repairs shop would probably charge you more for this than your normal jewelry shop. This is also where you run into the problem with shrinking settings and gem-setting. If you have a ring with gemstones, you should keep it safe. And if you have a ring that has been resized, it’s very likely to have a smaller setting, as the metal is removed to make the band smaller. This is a bigger problem with diamond rings.

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If you want your ring resized, then the price depends on the gold shop’s reputation and experience. I’ve seen some rings resize for as little as $100, but $200 is the normal charge. A resizing is hard work, so expect to pay more than the average price for a resizing.

How to Properly Size a Ring

In order to size a ring, the metal must be corrected to the proper size. This is accomplished by cutting the ring into two sections, one larger than the original size and the other as close as possible to the original size. The tighter ring is then resized to a size that is one size larger than the larger ring. This means that the original ring was too large and the resized ring will be too small. This is done with a special ring sizer.

If the metal has been cut, the sizer takes the circular shape of the metal band, but it is only one size. The metal band needs to be removed and replaced with a larger sized band. The metal band can then be cut to the correct size by simply using the sizer as a pattern. If the ring sizer is damaged while the ring is being resized, the ring may not be repaired, but a new sizer will be provided.

Resizing Options and Considerations

Not all jewelers will have the same service. Some jewelers only resize one metal type at a time (such as gold, silver, and platinum), others are able to resize all metals in the store. Some jewelers will resize rings on site, while others require rings to be resized off site. Some jewelers will resample rings in-store, while others will mail the ring to their jeweler shop. Some jewelers will tell you upfront how much it will cost to resize the ring, while others will overcharge you due to the fact that they make more money off of the resizing.

It is important that you know what your resizing options are. There are many different metals used in jewelry, and jewelers will not resize rings for you as long as they can’t recoup the costs associated with the resizing. Resizing is an expensive process, and some jewelers may need to recoup that cost by either selling the ring back to you, or by selling the ring on the resized ring’s former setting.

Resizing Rings at a Lower Cost

Resizing Rings at a Lower Cost

Typically, there is a base cost associated with the resizing when adding the ring back to its original setting. This fee depends on the type of ring you are resizing. If you are lucky, the jeweler will be able to resize it for you. If the jeweler can not resize it for you, you may be required to purchase the ring back at a higher price, as well as requalify the ring to be placed back onto your finger.

If you want to get a ring resized at a lower cost, you can get it resized at a local jewelry store rather than getting it resized in a retail setting. Jewelry stores that specialize in resizing rings have a lower price but sometimes require a bit more work. The cost of the ring resizing will depend on what type of ring you have but, if you’re having it resized at a retail location, expect to pay about half of the cost of the original ring resizing.