Among women who love jewelry, there’s a belief that you cannot mix gold and silver jewelry in one fashion ensemble. Is it true, or is it just a myth? Let’s remember that fashion follows its pretty flexible rules. Therefore, if you like it, you can create unique looks, such as those combining silver and gold. You might be pleasantly surprised when you see the fantastic final effect. However, there’s one condition – the combination of gold and silver needs to be done correctly!

Choosing Jewelry Matters – Gold and Silver Jewelry Together?

The jewelry you wear reflects your personality or mood. Sometimes, you want something bold, like a silver knuckle ring, and at other times, you might prefer a simple and elegant style, exemplified perfectly by a gold Cross ring. Mixing gold and silver, even with golden celebrity styles, gives you freedom – you can have great fun experimenting with various styles and patterns, resulting in a stunning look.

A great reason to mix silver with gold is the ability to create an intriguing combination. A perfect example would be gold earrings worn at one level of the ear coupled with delicate silver ones at another. The “wow” effect is almost guaranteed! Hence, there are moments when gold and silver jewelry perfectly match.

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It’s an Art to Know the Approach

One needs to be mindful of specific nuances. You might not be aware, but a few years ago, mixing different metals in jewelry would have been considered a fashion faux pas. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case, and such combinations can be successful today. Of course, we understand that jewelry always consists of carefully selected items with emotional significance for some. If you put a lot of thought into selecting the correct type of jewelry, you’ve come to the right place!

Is it safe to pair silver and gold in your jewelry ensemble without risking damage to your cherished items? Silver is a reactive metal, and gold is non-reactive, so they’re unlikely to induce corrosion or rust when worn together. However, it’s essential to realize that layering multiple jewelry pieces increases the potential for scratches. For this reason, we recommend setting aside your most treasured pieces during intense physical activities like exercising to maintain their pristine condition.

Mini-Guide: Creating a Beautiful Look Combining Gold and Silver

Beautiful Look Combining Gold and Silver

If you like to keep up with fashion trends, you know how crucial the correct clothes can be. Note: We’re not just talking about branded or expensive clothes. What’s more important is how you wear them. Even in a simple undershirt, you can be the center of attention.

Remember three fundamentals:

  • Styling the fabric is more important than the clothing category itself.
  • One of the primary ways of styling an outfit is through jewelry.
  • Selected jewelry pieces should complement your outfit.

For example, you might want your jewelry to be subtle and delicate in a summer outfit. Hence, silver necklaces added to gold in a vacation vibe would be a good choice. But for a party outfit, you should create a bold look by combining gold and silver bracelets. To finish the look, consider adding a brooch or a ring made of one of these metals.