Brilliant Earth Jewelry: Ethical, Sustainable, and Timelessly Elegant

Brilliant Earth is a diamond jewelry enterprise that prioritizes ethical and socially responsible practices. The company procures its diamonds from Canada, Namibia, and Botswana, while also presenting lab-created and vintage ring options. Brilliant Earth’s foundation actively supports global organizations, and has witnessed a twofold increase in contributions since 2020. The diamonds offered by Brilliant Earth are certified and adhere to the Beyond Conflict Free standard, tackling concerns such as forced and child labor. Additionally, the company features an extensive selection of diamonds in diverse styles, carats, hues, and cuts.

Brilliant Earth Jewelry: Ethical, Sustainable, and Timelessly Elegant

Brilliant Earth: An Introduction to the Visionary Company

It’s hard to dispute Brilliant Earth’s commitment to ethical and sustainable practices throughout their operations. Their wooden ring boxes and shipping packaging are responsibly sourced, while their jewelry cleaner is non-toxic and biodegradable.

In 2021, they introduced 100% recycled sustainable packaging to minimize carbon emissions. The Brilliant Earth Foundation was established to foster growth and support global organizations, including mobile schools and environmental initiatives. Since 2020, their contributions have doubled.

All Brilliant Earth diamonds are certified and verified by industry leaders such as IGI, GIA, HRD, GCAL, and Sustainably Rated. They do not offer low-quality diamonds in their inventory. The company’s unique selling points involve going beyond the Kimberley Process, with rigorous supplier due diligence and strict criteria for partnerships. Fewer than 1% of natural diamond suppliers meet their high standards for traceability.

Brilliant Earth is among the first jewelers to provide blockchain-enabled diamonds on a large scale, granting customers access to a diamond’s origin and ownership history. Choosing a Brilliant Earth diamond guarantees unmatched transparency in its provenance. Over 20,000 blockchain-enabled diamonds can be viewed and filtered on their website.

The industry standard for diamond sourcing, the Kimberley Process, narrowly defines conflict diamonds as those financing wars against governments. This limited approach allows diamonds associated with forced labor, child labor, worker exploitation, low wages, unsafe working conditions, and irresponsible mining practices to enter the supply chain, potentially leading to soil erosion, deforestation, and even ecosystem collapse.

Brilliant Earth: An Introduction

Tracing the Origins: The Inspiring History of Brilliant Earth

After facing difficulties in locating an ethically produced engagement ring, Stanford graduates Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg recognized a niche for socially responsible engagement and bridal jewelry. As a result, they established Brilliant Earth in 2005, with the website launching in 2006.

Initially, Brilliant Earth sourced their ethical diamonds primarily from Canadian mines. Following thorough evaluations, the company expanded its sources to include Namibia and Botswana, as their diamonds met Brilliant Earth’s ethical standards. While Brilliant Earth also offers ‘vintage rings’ and ‘lab-grown diamonds,’ this article will focus exclusively on the company’s naturally sourced diamonds for comparison with other vendors. Please visit Brilliant Earth review section to read testimonials from real customers about our company. There, you’ll have the opportunity to explore their feedback or share your own impressions about the jewelry you’ve purchased.

Navigating Brilliance: Exploring the Brilliant Earth Website

If you prefer to shop online, Brilliant Earth delivers a pleasing experience. The Brilliant Earth website boasts a sleek design and user-friendly interface, seamlessly incorporating their ‘Beyond Conflict Free’ and eco-friendly objectives throughout the pages. The site offers excellent functionality and a wealth of information about both their diamonds and the company’s mission. Similar to other platforms, the shopping experience begins with selecting a setting, followed by extensive filtering options to choose a diamond.

The shopping experience is further enhanced by secure payment options and complimentary shipping to the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

For international customers outside the UK, Canada, and Australia, Brilliant Earth ships to countries worldwide, with specific international policies applicable to these orders. Further details for international customers can be found on their website.

Innovation in Action: Brilliant Earth’s Lab-Created Diamonds

Brilliant Earth's Lab-Created Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds, which share the same chemical composition as natural diamonds, offer a more affordable and responsible alternative. These diamonds, cultivated in laboratories using cutting-edge technology, eliminate the need for mining. They possess the same physical, chemical, and optical attributes as natural diamonds and come in various colors, including rare fancy shades. Lab-grown diamonds are created by utilizing minuscule carbon seeds from pre-existing diamonds and technology that simulates the natural diamond formation process. While specialized equipment can distinguish them from natural diamonds, it’s impossible to do so with the naked eye. Lab-grown diamonds should not be mistaken for diamond simulants like cubic zirconia and moissanite, as these materials lack the same properties as true carbon crystals.

Brilliant Earth’s lab-grown diamonds are crafted using state-of-the-art technology that emulates the natural diamond formation conditions. This process involves either applying intense pressure and heat or employing a unique deposition technique called CVD. In some instances, diamonds produced through deposition may undergo additional pressure and heat treatment after growth. Lab-created fancy colored diamonds are generated by incorporating trace elements during the growth process, just as in nature. However, the trace element composition in lab-grown diamonds may differ from that of natural diamonds. Specialized equipment is required to discern these diamonds from natural ones by detecting minor variances in trace elements and crystal growth.

Understanding Brilliant Earth’s Diamonds and Pricing

Brilliant Earth's Diamonds and Pricing

Brilliant Earth is dedicated to providing customers with ethically sourced and high-quality diamonds, and understanding their diamonds and pricing is essential for those considering a purchase. As a leader in the ethical jewelry market, Brilliant Earth offers a wide selection of diamonds, including natural, lab-grown, and vintage options. Their commitment to transparency ensures that customers can make informed decisions when selecting a diamond.

Natural diamonds from Brilliant Earth are sourced from Canada, Namibia, and Botswana, where mines are carefully vetted to meet the company’s strict ethical standards. These diamonds are certified by industry-leading organizations such as IGI, GIA, HRD, GCAL, and Sustainably Rated, ensuring exceptional quality.

Lab-grown diamonds, another option available at Brilliant Earth, are created using advanced technology that replicates natural diamond formation. These diamonds have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as natural diamonds, often at a more affordable price point.

Brilliant Earth’s pricing is influenced by various factors such as diamond shape, carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. The company’s commitment to ethical sourcing and transparency can sometimes result in slightly higher prices than competitors. However, customers can feel confident knowing they are investing in high-quality, responsibly sourced diamonds that align with their values.

To cater to a range of budgets and preferences, Brilliant Earth offers an extensive selection of diamonds, as well as various metal choices for their settings. By understanding Brilliant Earth’s diamonds and pricing structure, customers can make an informed decision and select a piece of jewelry that truly reflects their values and taste, without compromising on quality or ethics.

Conflict-Free & Eco-Friendly Jewelry by Brilliant Earth

Eco-Friendly Jewelry by Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth’s commitment to ethics extends beyond their stones, as all their gold and platinum jewelry is crafted from recycled materials sourced from old jewelry or industrial and electrical products.

Mining metals can cause significant environmental harm, so Brilliant Earth utilizes metals that are already available in the market, reducing the need for new mining endeavors.

The metals used by Brilliant Earth are of the highest quality, ensuring customers receive top-notch products without compromising on material standards. Their rings are distinctive, with a focus on vintage-inspired and nature-inspired designs.

Most of their jewelry can be crafted in:

  • 18k white gold
  • 18k yellow gold
  • 14k rose gold
  • Platinum

For those seeking something truly unique, Brilliant Earth offers a selection of one-of-a-kind antique jewelry pieces. If customers cannot find a ring that suits their preferences, Brilliant Earth provides the option to collaborate with the company’s designers to create a custom piece.

The Final Word: Embracing the Brilliance of Ethical and Elegant Jewelry

Brilliant Earth stands out for its strong philosophy of going beyond merely conflict-free diamonds. Their mission and dedication to supporting mining communities and the environment are commendable. In general, the value offered for socially responsible diamonds is good. Larger diamonds have competitive prices compared to other online jewelers, while smaller diamonds may be slightly more expensive.

Brilliant Earth’s lab-created diamonds and colored lab-created diamonds are impressive, making them, along with James Allen, a top choice for lab-grown diamonds.

For those seeking super ideal cut VVS round or princess diamonds, Whiteflash has a slight advantage with their A CUT ABOVE® diamonds. However, Brilliant Earth offers excellent options in other cuts and shapes.

Their commitment to conflict-free diamonds and the efforts to positively impact the diamond industry and communities are praiseworthy. One thing is certain: Brilliant Earth offers stunning, unique settings that may sway your decision in their favor.